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Manager, Tracy Neeley, had a passion for Cannabis and its healing properties at a very young age of thirteen. She read every high times magazine released for three years in a row. Once in the work force, she opened two insurance regional offices before pursuing her dreams in acting/modeling. She lived in Atlanta for three years and Los Angeles for thirteen where she worked in the entertainment industry. She lived in California when it became medically legal, acquired her medical license as a patient. She had the opportunity to assist in a greenhouse grow in Northern California for two harvests. To supplement income, she started her own business doing web design, graphic art and photography. She has successfully owned her own business for over twenty years. Since Oklahoma has made Cannabis medically legal, Tracy has exerted her passion for knowledge and become certified in Cannacian Level One, Two and Three through Regina Nelson's eCS Therapy Center. December she will be certified to train the Cannacian Level One, Two and Three Certifications and looks forward to teaching anyone who wants to learn. 

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